Un’idea “buona”

Cotti in Fragranza is a bakery that makes high quality products inside the Malaspina juvenile detention camp of Palermo, Sicily. It was founded in 2016 by the social co-operative Rigenerazioni Onlus, that still runs it. Rigenerazioni deals with education in the social entrepreneurship area, along with company ethics.

Its ambitious purpose is to foster a stable inclusion for the young boys of the Malaspina, in order to train them and let them be skilled and independent workers, even outside the detention camp.

The story of Cotti in Fragranza starts with the Buonicuore (“good-hearted”), a tangerine cookie created by one of the greatest confectioner in Sicily, Giovanni Catalano, who donated us his brilliant recipe along with the first cooking lessons. When everything is ready to start, the Malaspina boys begin their training in the workshop with a training chef.

Day by day their expertise grows and so does the desire of trying new products. After a few months we created two new citrus cookies, Parrapicca (“shut up!”) and Coccitacca (something like “Spitfire”) and two salted biscuits, the Picciottelli (“young boys”).

Thanks to the support of a team of external experts and together with the super educators who coordinate the project, Lucia Lauro and Nadia Lodato, the boys make daily entrepreneurial choices: market analysis, improvement of the supply, marketing strategy.

Within months, the products made by Cotti in Fragranza reach the fair trade shops, the coffee shops, and even mass market retailers – thanks to the support of Legacoop Sicilia Occidentale – crossing the borders of the island and bringing our story to the whole country.

The project is supported by: Istituto Penale per i Minorenni di Palermo, Opera Don Calabria, Associazione Nazionale Magistrati, Fondazione San Zeno, Chiesa Valdese and Unicredit.