The idea is to create a workshop for the production of baked products from the sicilian tradition with a twist of innovation.

The sale of these biscuits puts together the high quality of the products, guaranteed by the presence of organic ingredients, with the social and working inclusion of the young workers.

Cotti in Fragranza – Biscuits


BUONICUORE, shortbread flavoured with tangerines picked in Ciaculli, in lands confiscated from the mafia, ingredients like Maiorca flour, Muscovado sugar, organic yeast, butter and milk coming from local sources make this product a real made in Sicily excellence.


The packages are sealed in the following sizes:
  • 300 g for those who have already tasted them!
  • 120 g for those curious!?!
  • 16 g a few but very good.


PARRAPICCA. This time we chose the lemon combining it with the organic ginger from Peru, from South to South. 


The packages are sealed in the following sizes:
  • The packages are sealed in the following sizes:

A “good” idea – Italian Pastry and Rosticceria

We aim to do “good” things in every way!

Baking is something serious that we do with passion and professionalism, by the way we are in Palermo, the world capital of sweets.

Our baking products can be ordered and tasted for all the occasions, no matter how big!

You can contact us for all kind of events: coffee breaks, birthdays, openings, meetings and whenever you need good tastes.

We decided to focus on quality!

The quality offered by our splendid Sicily, the tradition of Rosticceria (local street food), the good one. Our strength are the good ingredients and the way we work.

We bake every single piece one by one, with attention and professionalism. We want to highlight the taste of our products and make you lick your fingers!

Rosticceria can be baked on request with vegetarian or vegan ingredients.