A “good” idea

We want to share a strong message

Cotti in Fragranza is a bakery that makes high quality products, sold in the local and national area. It is run by the social co-operative Rigenerazioni Onlus that since June, 2016 deals with education in the social entrepreneurship area, along with company ethics.

It was born in Palermo and it is an innovative organization in the South of Italy, as it is the first business in a juvenile detention camp in the South (the third all over Italy).

Its ambitious purpose is to foster  a stable inclusion for the young boys of the Malaspina jail, in order to train them and let them be skilled and independent workers, even outside the detention camp.

Participation as responsibility ethic

To sell a product, it must be a good quality one: good tasting and good looking. So it was born, with the recipe of one of the best confectioner in Sicily, Giovanni Catalano, the first biscuit: BUONICUORE (good-hearted).

We completed our workshop with all the tools and selected the training chef, Nicola Cinà, who works day by day with the boys of the Malaspina.

Then began the training to improve manual skills, define the right balance of the ingredients. We tasted and baked, until we got the final product and the complete autonomy of our guys.

Their expertise grows and so does the desire of trying new products. So it was born the recipe for the second shortbread biscuit, PARRAPICCA (shut up!) and it also began the production of high-quality pastries and delicatessen.

Thanks to the support of a team of specialists and together with the super educators who coordinate the project, Lucia Lauro and Nadia Lodato, the boys make daily entrepreneurial choices: market analysis, improvement of the supply, marketing strategy. Even in this area the involvement of the boys is important, the team speaks, chooses, suggests changes. Of course not without some disagreement! But it’s not easy to have unanimity.

This good product needs to be sold because it’s made by capable hands. Because it’s an investment and a collective challenge, because passion should turn into work and monetary and human independence.

A product is good if it’s beautiful, too.

The project is supported by: Penale per i Minorenni di Palermo, Opera Don Calabria, Associazione Nazionale Magistrati and Fondazione San Zeno.