Five young detainees, two dynamic social workers, a professional cook in a wheelchair. These are the ingredients of our initiative, Cotti in Fragranza, started in Malaspina juvenile detention camp in Palermo.

In the last months we built a little organisation with two goals.

The first one is to create a business that can give a real and honest job to those young detainees who really decided to change their life.

The second one is to create and cook fresh, healthy and super good products.

This is how we are trying to change the world: by helping young people in difficulty learn new tasks through a process of permanent inclusion; by offering healthy products, outside the business mindset, but inside the logic of well-being and culinary innovation.

Innovation and new dreams

We want to grow.confectioners, we organised the sales network, produced and sold more than 20.000 packs of biscuits and more than 5.000 kilos of other baking products. We are happy, but we have many other goals to achieve.

We want to grow. We want to become competent people who can make correct choices for our well-being and that of others, and who can grasp the meaning of things, evaluate and decide. We want to create a good, high-quality product – good to eat and good to look at.

To achieve our goals we developed a growth plan that includes the purchase of a new professional oven to increase our productivity and a packaging machine to optimize packaging times.

We need your support to reach the required €27,000 budget and make our dream a reality.


We need your help!
We give special thanks for each donation. Each action will be important and meaningful to make this dream a wonderful reality.

Boosting the revolution! Join our university competition!

The Center for Business in Society of the IESE Business School started a competition connected to the fund raising of the oven and the packaging machine for Cotti in Fragranza.

All bachelor, master and phD students from European universities are invited to participate.

The competition is about the design and the creation of an innovative and efficient fundraising project.

We are asking you to organize a Cotti in Fragranza fundraising event involving your friends and unleashing your creativity: you can have fun choosing a theme for your funny and engaging party, easy to replicate.

How to participate?

Apply by writing an e-mail to; please write “Cotti in Fragranza Competition” in the subject line.

Plan your fundraising event and send us the pictures of your party: we will share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Send us the results of the project: prepare a Word document (not longer than 1000 words) that describes the idea and the realization of the event, the social results (i.e. people who learnt more about young detainees) and of course the economic ones (i.e. donations received that you will give to Cotti in Fragranza). At the end you can attach up to three pictures and possibly a link to a movie (not longer than 90 seconds).

The selection committee (Professor Antonino Vaccaro, manager of the Center for Business in Society of IESE, Lucia Lauro – Education Manager for Cotti in Fragranza and Eliana Amato, creativity manager at IRIDE work in pixel) will evaluate every project according to these guidelines:

  1. Overall innovativeness of the project

  2. Innovative approach in donors engagement

  3. Efficiency in the fundraising (e.g. average contribution for every involved stakeholder)

  4. Total achievements of the project (both economics and social: fund raised, people involved, etc.).

The winning team will be awarded with a prestigious certificate from the Center for Business in Society of IESE and two flight tickets to visit the Cotti in Fragranza team and take part to a tour organized by the antimafia organization Addiopizzo Travel.

Please send the results of your project by May 30th 2018 to writing “Cotti in Fragranza Competition” in the subject line.

Join the competition!